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Vrixe: Co-plan events with friends
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Vrn 2.18b | Updated Nov - 6 - 2018

Connect and collaborate with friends on key topics, questions and details of your next plan.

Edit details together and simplify your experience in putting together your next event with features that truly enhance your collective planning process and helps you put the best moments together, together.

Send invites
Make plans together. Create invites or get added to an invite list by friends, you have control on what you accept and plan.

Edit plans together
Edit and contribute details, see what others are adding, who changed what and collectively finalize decisions.

Add an agenda
Doing some time management? share the order of event with everyone and get more control on how and when they happen.

View Analytics
Get some analytics on your invitations, plans and profile outlined in a simple layout.

Want to register your guests, try some of the early add-ons on Vrixe to create a better experience for you and you for your friends and guests, the feature you're looking for is just an Add-on away.

Private Plans
With private plans, you secure access to your plan with a custom password only you can change. Your contributors can edit and view private plans and you can share the link to anyone else to view, as long as you give them your 'secret' password.

Extensive details on events
Go beyond cramped points and crowded calendar squeezes, collaborate and create a detailed plan with everyone, all in a simple and progressive flow.

Latest web APIs
Vrixe is built with more web sprinkles than ever. Share directly from the web-app to any other app, use Vrixe offline, on any device, try the maps integration, a UI that just fits perfectly and its all just one url away.

Go on, start a plan with someone...

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