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An event planning tool for teams.
Free - Requires Sign Up - Contains no Ad
Vn 2.21.2600 - Last Update Jan - 27 - 2020


Create and edit details on the go. Share and collaborate on your next plan with your team.

group_work Create invites and plans
Start by sending an invite to your co-planners then move your invite to a plan, everyone can edit and view the updates together.

subject Add all the details you want
Plan and share the most thoughtful details on your events. From basic details like date, time and venue to adding agenda, updating guests on plan progress, dress code....

add_location Add dual locations
Vrixe is also your trip, hike or roadshow app. Let your friends know the start and finish of your event venue with an event map to show for it.

view_agenda Add an agenda
Doing some time management? share the order of event with everyone and get more control on how and when they happen.

how_to_vote Take better polls
Polls are best when they have a simple interface, can be private or public, are connected to your event and support comments and questions. That's what you get on Vrixe.

notifications_active Use push notifications
Never miss a change or update from your team with web push notifications and all the control is with you because we hate spams too.

insert_chart_outlined View Analytics
Get some analytics on your invitations, plans and profile outlined in a simple layout.

lock Privacy & Private Plans
Vrixe is progressively secure in all packages, the way we write our code and the flavour of the language we use. That's why we are small scale, we like to keep it that way just for you, us and your close friends.

code Latest web APIs
Built with more web sprinkles than ever. Share directly to any app, use Vrixe offline, on any device, try the maps integration, get push notifications and send direct feedbacks. Do it all in a browser tab.

Go on, start a plan with someone...

Send Invites Share Events Co plan and edit Get Reports Simple UX Add Programs Built with privacy in mind Avalable as a PWA Responsive Design Mobile Responsive Design Desktop

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