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Vn 2.21.----
ETA FEB 2020
. Updates to how you add contacts to invites.
. Some UI and UX updates as always.

Vn 2.21.2600
27TH JAN 2020
. Fixed bug in allowing contributor access for polls.
. Improved feedback process throughout the app.
. A lot! A tonne of bug fixes this time around.
. Vrixe now supports Google Sign In.
. Streamlined account recovery process.
. New app area for notifications and analytics.
. Reduced data consumption throughout the app.
. Some UI and UX updates as always.

Vn 2.21.1340
23RD DEC 2019
. Fixed bug causing missing event error.
. Fixed missing images for search results.
. Now you can see a list contributors from events.
. Support for RSVP Phone on events.
. We've relaxed email verification for app usage.
. Added more control options for event keys.
. Some UI and UX updates as always.

Vn 2.21.1300
22TH NOV 2019
. Faster authentication for private events.
. Implemented action confirmation for deleting contacts .
. Fixed bug causing multiple events being created .
. Some UI and UX updates as always.

Vn 2.21.1240
9TH OCT 2019
. Increase Apps load time .
. Some serious UI and UX updates this time .
. Desktop support and better layout for contact page .
. Implemented action confirmation for invite actions .
. Added fallback for devices missing web-share API.

Vn 2.21.1220
9TH SEPT 2019
. Autocomplete for event address search.
. Better verification for leaving a plan.
. We keep fixing bugs, thanks to the hunters.
. We made the desk page cleaner.

Vn 2.21.1200
29TH JULY 2019
. We polished the code for reviews feature.
. Added a long missing signout button to desktop.
. Added a verification step to moving invites.
. Redesigned the event cards.
. Lots of new updates to your desk area.
. Notice the icons, we made them fancier.

Vn 2.21.1100
30TH JUNE 2019
. Mooooreee UI and UX updates.
. Made the poll feature even better.
. Private polls are now very private with keys.
. You can now see your comments on polls.
. Some UI updates on the contacts page.

Vn 2.21.1090
20TH MAY 2019
. User interface updates.
. Introducing polls. Ask question on your event.
. Polished and enhanced entire App experience.

Vn 2.21.1030
14TH APR 2019
. Now you can subscribe to get updates on events.
. Improved notification and email management.
. Introducing a new suggestion area.
. Fixed date picker bug on iOS devices.
. House cleaning for the next update.

Vn 2.21.900
25TH MAR 2019
. Push notification is now supported.
. Improved and faster user search.
. Changing your private code now on invites.
. Add start and finish points, for your hikes and trips.
. Security updates.

Vn 2.20.1042
4TH MAR 2019
. Fixed event start and end time for calendar.
. Leave a plan anytime from the picks page.
. See all contributors at a glance on events.
. Improved usage feel of the app. You'll notice it.
. Better image upload and management.
. Now you can undo approving your events.

Vn 2.20.1029
11TH FEB 2019
. Now you get email notifications for invites.
. Next Task; tell your guests what you are up to.
. Now you can add vrixe events to your calendar.
. Stopped support for Event Tags.
. Bug fix: Error on adding a user after removing one.
. Code deleted caused some bugs but its fixed now.

Vn 2.20.1024
21ST JAN 2019
. Live profile suggestions when creating invites.
. More support for desktop devices.
. Bug fixes, code cleanup and App polishing.

Vn 2.20.1022
1ST JAN 2019
. UX: Updates for Desktop devices.
. UX: Lightened the App and improved the UI.
. Bug Fix: For some users getting emailed twice.

Vn 2.20.1019
26TH DEC 2018
. Bug Fix: Error on saving invites after removing a user.
. Code cleanup: For a faster and better vrixe
. UX: Invites from contact now show the user images
. Review and share your thoughts on Vrixe here

Vn 2.19 - Build 1005
3RD DEC 2018
. UI and UX updates. More of this to come.
. A better look for your event programs
. Now you can remove contributors from invites.
. Some Christmas sprinkles in the App.

Vn 2.19 - Build 1000
22ND NOV 2018
. UI and UX updates. More of this to come.
. Now you can send direct invite links to friends
. Updated event privacy methods on contacts page.
. Cleaned up a lot so Vrixe is faster and smoother.

Vn 2.18b
6TH NOV 2018
. House cleaning for the previous version
. Updated and simplified the experience
. We have cleaned up all emails
. Fixed the bug making profile page crash

Vn 2.18a
27TH OCT 2018
. Interface and Experience updated as always
. Improved the pwa and we stopped nagging you :)
. Choose when to notify your team of your changes.
. We hope you like the new Demo

Vn 2.17
1ST OCT 2018
. Lots of UI and UX improvements
. Fixed bug with missing text on desk
. Contacts: Keep a list of those you plan with
. General improvement for iOS experience
. More details on who edited a plan
. Picks: A collection of all events you contribute to.

Vn 2.16
1ST SEPT 2018
. Improved UI and UX
. More details on invitations
. More focus on security fixes this time
. Improved UI for event cards
. Now everyone is notified when an event is approved

Vn 2.15
1ST AUG 2018
. Fixed the bug in deleting multiple events
. Fixed bug 'getting locked in unaccepted events'
. Stabbed the PWA with a magic wand
. Search is now personalized

Vn 2.14
9TH JULY 2018
. Improved UI and UX
. Updates to the PWA
. Added Co-planning to events
. Fixed a bucket of bugs
. Uploading images is now stable

Vn 2.13
4TH JUNE 2018
. Improved UI and UX
. Introducing 'Profiles'
. Better Responsive Design.
. Basic Events now require an account.
. Introducing 'Program' and other Add-ons
. Now you can add Images to events. Defaults.
. Better privacy for Private Events
. Fixed the PWA offline bug for Chrome users.
. Fixed bug that broke WhatsApp share button
. Optimized and Enhanced the search engine
. Updated Picks page.
. Updates to desktop version
. Edit & Delete Event are now stable features
. lots of other bugs fixed

Vn 2.12
10TH SEPT 2017
. Find Events with Tags
. Edit or Delete Events
. Added countdown for Events
. See how many views Events have
. Search engine has been optimized
. Keyword Search for months and 'weekend'
. We hope you find our new icon more relative
. Adding Event information got easier
. Lots of UI and UX updates
. lots of bug fixes

Vn 2.11
26TH MAR 2017
. Your Email is now private
. Updated design
. Better sharing experience
. minor bug fixes

Vn 2.10
22ND MAR 2017
. New! Venue opens in Google Maps
. Improved search engine range
. More sharing API
. Added new tiles under Event Venue
. 1000 lines of CSS for you
. minor bug fixes

Vn 2.09
13TH MAR 2017
. Simplified design
. bugs fixes for Vn 2.08

Vn 2.08
12TH MAR 2017
. Fixed keyboard bug
. More sharing API improvements
. Faster page-load time
. minor bugs fixes

Vn 2.07
28TH FEB 2017
. More PWA support
. Improved sharing support
. minor bugs fixes

Vn 2.06
18TH FEB 2017
. Updates to UI
. Improved App UX
. New! "Picks" let you see suggested events
. App optimization & minor bug fixes

Vn 2.05
11TH FEB 2017
. Shiny new UI
. Enhanced Webapp SEO
. Better Offline Experience
. App optimization & minor bug fixes

Vn 2.04
22ND JAN 2017
. Design changes
. We made another new cool logo
. Added lots of sprinkles this time
. Made the whole package lighter
. some major bug fixes

Vn 2.03
14TH JAN 2017
. Design changes
. Adding events got easier
. some major bug fixes

Vn 2.02
. Design changes
. Updates to the App
. Enhanced menu items
. some major bug fixes

Vn 2.01
. Added event link below the post
. Removed bar-circle on post title
. Updated menu for Large screen devices
. Changed Vrixe Icon
. some minor bug fixes

Vn 2.00
. added WhatsApp share buttun
. some minor bug fixes

Vn 1.0
. initial release
. current profile loaded

Some features will not be available