Why .com is all there is.
          At Vrixe, we know the web is a busy place but we want to redefine that for you. We challenged ourselves to build something better because we believe that the web should be a carefully designed, structured, appealing and purposeful offering of a part of the Internet. So expect a different Vrixe, expect a redefined web app.

  The web - is a cool place...

          Web-apps now perform more dynamic tasks faster and better and everything happens online and directly accessible from the cloud, that's what we do, we are safe to say that's where the cool is headed and we are excited to see what we can build you.

  ...we know you do other things,

          We know you love events, and it would be nice to have you here all the time (yes indeed), but we don't want to put an app on your phone if you use it not more than a few times. When you need us, we'll be on the web, waiting. No hard feelings.

  ...and you have other apps.

          "20 apps on my phone" "5 image editing apps here"... We don't want to add our app to that long list. It's your phone, it should be what you want when you want on it and we don't want to be the reason you'll throw it at the wall.

  So we built you the best web app,

          Here at Vrixe, we are all web developers, well mostly. That means everyone knows the cool languages needed to build your web app and we make sure to build all of that from the scratch, no frameworks, no buggy libraries, Vrixe is a unique, super light and buttery web-app. What does all that mean? we are killing it for you like when Poe Dameron flys a ship.

  ...update without new UI is boring...

          Monday: New Update Available (Download Now). Tuesday: New Update Available (Download Now), Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and there's always a bug to fix. We don't want to bore you with all that, so when we have shiny new features to release, you get it easy and instantly as we upload on our server, no installations.

  ...and cus we don't junk.

          If we had to build native apps, we would for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and the rest of the tens or hundreds other platforms out there, we are building for one common platform that runs and is available on every Operating System. The web, every phone does have a Browser so we said to ourselves, let's build a really awesome web app that everyone can use and when we do, we'd be building the best of it because that's all we focus on. That's why we built vrixe.com on the web for everyone, it is also what led us to build our Progressive Web App.

  Progressive Web Apps are awesome!

          What is an app? What is a Progressive Web App? Well that's an app that comes at a smaller size, does not lag, does not need installation, is fast, universal and responsive. That's an app built on the web technology. It's a website and still does a great job of being an app. 'The Future of apps' how about this? you're currently in our Progressive Web App. More? Add Here

          We believe that the web technology is growing and becoming capable of providing you with an awesome experience. We are taking advantage of new API's released across browsers to build you a truly functional, none-intrusive web-app, you can read about some of them here "APIs". We are very excited to see what we can build you and we're sure you'll love it all...
The web-app can do everything we said it will do and more, but we're not creating technology just because it can be created, we're building every part of Vrixe from scratch, yes everything in a way that truly and simply enhances your Event experience and that's why we don't have more than the web-app.

          Thank you for using Vrixe and checking our note out. We aim to provide you with the best app experience and we understand part of this might include providing native apps for your devices. We know, but we're not going to do that. Double Ouch!

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