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How do I provide feedback.
Please visit We love to hear about everything.
Account Email Verification
In other to reduce spam content and continue to protect your experience on Vrixe, an email is sent to you when you sign up, this mail contains details on verifying your email address to begin using Vrixe. Accounts that have not been verified 30 days after setup are automatically deleted.
Is there an iPhone or Android App?
There are no native apps for any Operating System. We do fine on the web, we promise. Have you tried our PWA?
What's the PWA?
PWA, Progressive Web App are website that run on your mobile or desktop devices just as native apps would, offering you fast, responsive and engaging experience along with native app features like notifications and offline modes. To use our PWA please visit
Will my events be deleted after the event date?
Events are not deleted after the Event date.
Can people see my events in other countries?
Yes and users with the link to your event will be able to view the event from anywhere.
Difference between Private and Public Events?
'Private Event' is secured with access keys and never suggested on Vrixe. They are not displayed as 'Picks' and only as search results when Event code is searched. Public events are available as 'Picks' suggestions and Search results, they are generally Open Events and are visible to anyone while private events are visible to its contributors only
Default Event Images
As of version 2.13, Vrixe supports Event Images. We have provided sample event themed images for Invites. If you have any concerns related to the theme of the image, please contact our team.
I did not get my verification email
Sometimes, emails end up in spam box or they take up to 15 mins to get to your inbox. If you've checked your spam-box and found no email, please send us a feedback here.
Require an account to take polls?
Private polls allow you get identification for who makes a vote. This way you are sure every vote is coming from a registered Vrixe user. Public polls will still require voters to provide a random username.

Some features will not be available